The Thomists

Swing, ballroom, early jazz, big band era, great american songbook, 50s r&r, 70s, 80s

...We''ll play whatever you like !

Artwork by Molly Lamb

big band since 1965

Upcoming Events 2018**

‚Äč15 may - St. Thomas university spring Convocation

26 may - Saint John Marina - wedding

15 june - rothesay netherwood graduation dinner & dance

26 june - free summer concert - officer's square Fredericton

** The band may play two events in the late april to early june time frame.  if there is enough interest we will put on both a ballroom dance event and a pure swing dance event.  contact us and let us know if you're interested

Recent events

December 5 - STU Winter Formal @ Crowne Plaza

October 14 - Beaverbrook Art Gallery - Party at the Pavilion